Its not just a plastic ring, its a better way to apply your sclera lens!

EZi Lens Applicator

The EZi Lens Applicator is proudly made in the USA and has been sold domestically and internationally helping many people to see everyday.

Lens applicator ring

The EZi Lens Applicator ring provides these unique features and benefits.


One finger lens insertion

Lens self-positioning

Proven safe and effective

Less air entrapment

Fits larger than normal finger sizes

Lens applicator sizes

The EZi Lens Applicator ring is made of pliable medical grade plastic. The ring expands to accommodate a range of finger sizes.


Works with mini-scleral and hybrid lenses 13mm and smaller


Informational Video

Instructions for use:

Thoroughly wash hands with soap and water. Rinse well.

Remove applicator ring from storage container.

Rinse applicator ring with doctor prescribed saline solution.

Place applicator ring on index finder (palm side up).

Center lens on top of ring.

Fill lens with doctor prescribed sterile saline solution.

Apply lens to eye with applicator ring.

We offer volume discount pricing to every customer.

Its not just a plastic ring, its


My name is Eric and I'm the President of The EZI Company. This is the true story about the inventor of the EZI Lens Applicator.
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